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Apr 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
since 9/11. rachel from vero beach, florida. >> josey from newcastle, australia. >> we appreciate friends like you, josey. from las vegas. >> not for a while, john. both hardback books are still best sellers. lincoln a year and a half on the list and kennedy six months. we thank everybody for making that possible. and finally the tip of the day. whenever folks die suddenly, like in the boston attack, mortality comes into play. my father died at age 62 from melanoma and on his deathbed he told me his greatest regret was not living up to his potential. i told him that he gave me the opportunity to reach my potential because he worked hard and lived a responsible life. after he passed, i began asking senior citizens about their regrets. two themes emerged. the potential deal, not living up to it, and failing to help people. some seniors told me they deeply regret not helping people when they could have. so the tip of the day is this. respect your god given accounts and go do good things with them and help everybody you can. do that and you will have no regrets >> we would like you to
Apr 17, 2013 4:00pm EDT
like. >> let's bring in ron josey of jmp securities. what's one of the most important metrics you're watching when we finally do get the numbers? is it going to be the mobile processing payments, the market place payments, the margins when it comes to paypal? ron? >> oh, hi, yes. sorry. >> your turn. >> there's a few things that we'll be looking for. primarily, we're looking for domestic gmv growth. >> what does that mean? >> domestic gmv is the amount of commerce that went through their platform during 1q. as we know, it's been a little bit rocky in terms of a macro perspective on retail. so we're looking for that specific metric to talk about overall demand, and how well it's going in terms of their differentiated partnership with retailers and focus on merchandising. >> well, apparently we've got the numbers. nobody's telling me, but you can see it on the graphic there, 63 cents. they were looking for 62 cents. anybody have a volume number? we were lacking for $3.77 billion. i don't know if jon fortt is still there. okay, $3.75 billion. so a little on the light side there as well.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)